Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Looking to kickstart your writing career?

Apply now to Funny Farm, and laugh your way to the bank!

Have you always wanted to be a top comic writer for a nationally syndicated program?

Sure you have. But you just don't feel like you're funny enough. That may have been a real problem in the past, but now it's nothing more than a laughing matter!

Some of the most mirthless bores have enrolled in our program and come out on the other end jolly as larks, their heads brimming over with truly timeless comedic material. Many comedy programs require long hours in the classroom but at the Funny Farm program, we place our students in a community where they can thrive.
You'll be taking leisurely walks through a beautifully walled-in park. You'll be pacing the halls trying to remember "where they put the water-fountain." You'll be chatting with real mental cases with names like No-doze and Jabbers. The laughs will be practically endless.
So at this point, you're thinking, "I smell a rat. These guys at Funny Farm are up to something and, frankly, I just don't trust them."
Well you are absolutely right. We are up to something. We are up to the business of making you funny!
So how does this work?

First we put you through a battery of tests to understand exactly why you aren't funny. This involves some brain-scanning, a week-long observation, written tests, and some interviews. You'll be on your toes as we ask you pointed questions to understand your case. Questions like why did the chicken cross the road and how many Spanish Inquisitors does it take to screw in a light bulb.

Second, we bring in a team of our doctors who write up a document to certify your mental insanity.
Next, we go through a matching process to assure that you get placed in the right institution, a place where you'll thrive and your sense of humor will blossom like a garden of roses in the spring sun.
With our data informing the match, you will find that the institution you are placed in will quickly affect deep-seated changes to turn you into a hilarious person.
So how long does the program last?
This is hard to answer because it all depends on you. Our service is tailored to fit your needs which means that you could be in and out in a matter of weeks or you might have more of an extended learning experience.
What about daily responsibilities like a job, children, or volunteer work?
You have to remember what's at stake. Do you truly want to develop that award winning sense of humor or are you content to go on living in the doldrums? We think the answer goes without saying.
Exactly how much does this service cost?
The great thing about Funny Farm is that our cost is set on a sliding scale so that it is always affordable no matter who you are!
What metric determines this sliding scale?
Funny Farm will apply an equation on your portfolio to make our diagnostic assessment.
Are you ready to make a new start? Call 1-800-Funny Farm today!
As a bonus, here's some more advice on how to kickstart that writing career by Creative Writer.

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