Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Monopoly Strategy

Are you tired of losing at Monopoly? Have you declared to all your friends that monopoly is no fun. Have you yelled at them and clawed at the board shouting, "this game is nothing more than a dice roll and it's making me crazy!" Sure you have. We all have! Why do you think so many monopoly boards get purchased? Yes! Because people so often claw them apart in a blind rage. Well you can kiss all of those bad feelings goodbye because You Know Funny has developed a strategy guide proven to help you monopolize the board and control all of that so longed for in game wealth.

Don't make bad Trades

Be vigilant about not making bad trades on your property. It's a classic mistake to trade what seems like a value-less property to the guy that winds up turning it into a monopoly and breaking your back with trumped up charges.

Buy, buy, buy! 

Never pass on buying a property! And if someone else passes, make sure to win the auction. The game is called monopoly after all. You have to at least try to own all the properties.

Play as the banker. 

The banker gets a discount banker's rate. What's that rate? It's at the discretion of the banker but it shouldn't be more than might be noticed by the other players.

Sneak in Extra Monopoly Money

Keep your own extra roll of Monopoly $100s in your pocket. Even if you get bad rolls you will be able to stay in the game by drawing from your personal stash.

Use real Currency

Once the other players realize that you've been cheating them the entire game pull out a roll of real $100 dollar bills that you've placed in your pocket for good measure. When it's pointed out that you've fed yourself at least $1500 in monopoly money, give everyone a cool $200 and tell them it's all even now.

Since the cat's out of the bag that you're a high-roller, go ahead and buy up a couple key properties with those greenbacks. To keep things simple, use the suggested values in monopoly money but round up to the nearest hundred. So, for example, while the Baltic's printed price is $60, you will offer to buy it for $100. Some of the properties require no rounding, like Boardwalk which goes for $400. However, since Boardwalk is so contested, I suggest an asking price of $500 to keep your opponents pacified.

Bribe other players with Food

From here you may be able to switch back to normal game money. But you'll want to call in a lunch delivery from a nearby hotel room service. Get everyone steak sandwiches and be sure to tip the bell boy well.

Celebrate Lavishly

Break out the cuban cigars, you've got this one in the bag!

For strategy that doesn't cost you this month's paycheck, try

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