Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Black Dot Movement

Black dot is the next great movement in art. it is, in the words
of it's progenitor Pieter Jurtull,
"a new wave of despair and understated squalor pouring life
back into an art scene that was dying by thriving."

"too much! too perfect!" cries Samantha Heinrich
curator of Manhattan's Haute Museum. "Clean lines, clear
edges, and bold vibrant color are an effete memory in the decadence
of our times." just months ago, visitors to the Haute would have
seen color reminiscent of the mid-eighties meeting the psychadelic
design sensibilities of the sixties. "No more Fuscia and pink circles
bombarding your retina. Now it's all black dot working into the id
with the speed and intensity of the bullet train
cutting it's way from Kyoto to Tokyo. Everything blurs and rearranges
itself and the effect on the viewer is once frenetic and beatific," said
Henre Rice, a major player in the black dot movement.
To create their art, Rice and Jurtull trek outdoors and memorize
landscapes, return home, and render the images into a black dot
"sometimes it takes me 12 hours of staring at a particular
landscape before I can return home and put it into a black dot,
but it's worth it. It creates art on the threshold of utter vilification
and exuberance of the soul," Jurtell says.
Look for black dot to take over the galleries
from Paris to New York in the next few years.

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