Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Game for Kids

As a parent, you've grown tired of all the run-of-the-mill games you can play with your kids. You've been through the falling of London Bridge a thousand times, you've ducked all the gooses you can stand to duck, and ree has been riddled to death. That's why You Know Funny has put in some serious hours of R & D (research and development for those not privy to its demanding rigors) compiling and comparing lists of what children find enjoyable and then creating a game of all games out of it. We call the game MoonBlaster!

What you'll Need

1.Wait for a clear night and a full moon so you're target is easy to spot.
2. Home-made arsenal of nuclear ballistics rockets with a radio control device.
3. Observatory complete with Home-made state of the art telescopes.
4. A big blanket and some snacks.
5. An alarm clock

How to Play

After you've gathered all your materials. Get everyone in a circle and sing this song together: 

MoonBlast MoonBlast
How times have past
MoonBlast MoonBlast
what have you guessed
MoonBlast SoonBlast
those pretty halls of glass
HalfMast HalfMast
our Heroes never last

After you've finished singing the song, have the youngest child trigger the rocket launch. 

Now that the rocket is hurtling toward the moon, spread the blanket out on the ground and pass out snacks to everyone. 

If you've calibrated the rocket correctly you won't have anything to do but wait at this point. But you should periodically check the telescope to be sure that the rocket is on a crash course with the moon. If the rocket begins to get off course, punch in new coordinates for it to follow with your radio control.

If you were able to procure a pretty good rocket, (one that can travel at around 1,400 kilometres an hour) then if you've picked a night when the moon is closer in its orbit to earth than average, it should only take about 4 hours for your rocket to reach the moon. This means that you should probably bring some warm coats or an extra few blankets in case your little MoonBlasters get sleepy during the wait. I recommend setting an alarm for about 15 minutes before the projected strike time so that you don't miss the MoonBlast. After all, this is one blast that can never be repeated!

Once the alarm goes off, sing the song a few more times and get ready for the big MoonBlast!

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