Monday, August 2, 2010

Group works to reintroduce Silverback Gorilla to Kentucky Forests

A move to reintroduce the gorilla to kentucky was made this
week by Dr. Ingrid Haverston, head archeologist of DiG
(department [for the] incorporation [of] gorillas).

Haverston claims that her team has found substantial
evidence for a thriving gorilla population in many parts of the continental U.S.
"as recently as 150,000 years ago. Somewhere in the
Cambrian Period probably, and for a time the American Indians
may have fought over the same resources."

In Haverston's novel, 'Gorilla's Edge',
an Indian squaw falls in love with a gorilla
and teaches him to stand upright in order to pass him off as
an indian brave to the rest of her tribe.

She takes him as her husband and shaves all his hair every morning and
instructs him in the art of the bow and arrow. The Gorilla
isn't accepted by the tribe until he courageously defends the
tribe from a raiding group of braves.

Later, the girl conceives by the Gorilla, which figures into
Haverston's theory of the missing link in the evolutionary chain.

"That's right," says Haverston,
"monkeys are closer to us than we want to acknowledge."
Haverston says that the work of DiG is
about working with people. "We have to win people's hearts through
telling the story of gorillas so that these brothers of the human race
will be welcomed and can return to their native lands."

The State Department of Wildlife in Kentucky is on board with the plan
to repopulate gorillas, saying, "we sort of messed
up with the repopulation of deer, which are now the highest
cause of accidents on Kentucky roadways, but Gorillas . . .
We can't foresee that their presence would be problematic in
any way, shape, or form."

That's good news for Haverston, who wants to set the
program in place as soon as possible so she can move on
to her next task, equal opportunity legislation in favor of leprechauns.
This project will coincide with the release of her next book,
'One night with a leprechaun.'

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