Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Names for a Coffee Shop

At You Know, Funny, we know how hard coming up with ideas can be. We were once kidnapped by Russian producers and held hostage in the bathroom of a nondescript apartment until we wrote a screenplay for a feature length technological thriller involving vampires. Did we finish the screenplay? You bet we did! We called it Vampire Bytes, were quite proud of it, and saddened that it never got past post-production. But, the whole point of that is to say that we want to save you the humiliation of using a name that hasn't been properly vetted. You might serve an incredible brew, but without a good name, your business will quickly fall through!

So, here's a bunch of names for Coffee Shops. Use them! They are free. You don't even have to ask. They're yours!

The Daily Grind
Running Latte
How have you Bean
Coffee / Pot (only for states with legalized marijuana sales)
Cafe Fiend
Ugly Mugs
Coffee Office
Coffee Instant
Shapecurrency (after three of these, you get it, right?)
Spoonful of Sigur Ros
No Filter
Black Ice Coffee
Coffee Can!
Day Drippers Coffee
Coffee, Tea, & Pee
Coffee Cult
Bean Scene
Mucho Mocha
Creama Dreama