Saturday, March 30, 2013

Growler Man

strong man wants a growler of beer

Banana Punk

punk smokes and wants bananas

Madame St. Clair

the madame is the life of the party

Edward Vangarde

beautiful art

The Cheetah

the cheetah is on welfare

March Madness

chainsaw man is mad

21st Century

soldiers are marching

Best Smile

the 1973 winners of best smile

Corner Man

The Current State of Fast Food

The Current State of Fast Food ”A a man orders fast food from drive-thru

Diet Plans

Has dieting been your Achilles Heel? You know you need to go on a diet but you havn't found a plan right for you? Well then you've come to the right place! You might as well shout for joy and dance the Celt Kumbaya. You Know Funny has come up with the Diet Riot plan that will beautify your booty and tumble your tummy fat. Here's how the Diet Riot plan works!

Stephen Hawking and Groucho Marx

Recently I had the chance to attend a dinner party along with Stephen Hawking and Groucho Marx. Highly entertaining I'll tell you! Here's just some of their conversation. "Women, they are a complete mystery." - Stephen Hawking "Anyone who says he sees through women is missing a lot" - Groucho Marx

Two-headed Shark

So a two headed shark was found sometime after one of the devastating oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Is this Darwin's theory at work, proof that Cerberus and Dante's hell-beast are more than fiction, or clear evidence that our societal devil may care attitude toward preserving nature could have its repercussions? Either way, I think Spielberg should do a remake of Jaws 2 based around this new find.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Next Will Ferrell Movie

1. Ferrell, JFK's little brother (who looks like JFK), is a beloved astronaut in America in 1960. 2. No one knows that he's really shagging every major American movie actress. 3. John Kennedy wants to protect his brother along with the image of the Space Program so when it breaks that Marilyn Monroe is having an affair, he takes the heat. 4. It turns out that Lee Harvey Oswald was a big fan of Monroe and wants revenge.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yahoo Chess: The God Awful, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yahoo: A rude, noisy, or defiant person. So that basically sums up the whole experience at Yahoo Chess. You enter innocently, thinking that you'll find some great camaraderie among other chess aficionados, only to find a society of crazy people bent on proving how tough they are.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Japan Fantasy

Here's a film we made about putting a stop to the indiscriminate use of Japanese culture by greedy capitalists to turn a profit.

Copyright Infringement

One thing no one wants is a lawsuit. Another thing that no one wants is to sort through incredible layers of jargon to figure out what the laws are! Unfortunately, if you intend on avoiding a lawsuit you're probably going to have to do just that. Or!!! You could read my handy-dandy guide to not getting sued.

Most Hilarious Comedies

 This list isn't the final word really and unlike high caliber magazines like Rolling Stone, I won't be including less funny material from a bygone era because it was influential later. If there's one thing that can kill a joke, it's having to analyze things piece by piece to figure out why it's funny. That's why this list contains only the movies that have made me laugh the hardest.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Make a Band

You know what the hardest thing to do with a guitar is? Make money while playing one! For every successful rock band, there are probably a thousand bands that started up and fizzled before they even selected a decent name.

A Good Day to Die Hard

What's that you say? Another Die Hard movie? Great! I've never missed a Die Hard movie. I'll tell you that much. When I was in 2nd grade, sometime there in the late 80s, I had every line in the first Die Hard movie memorized. "Ho! Ho! Ho! Now I have a machine gun." "Welcome to the party pal." "Come out to California, have a few laughs." What great cinematic intensity! While the stupid level went up for the 2nd and 3rd Die Hards, they were still an enjoyable ride. Nothing to set your clock by for an annual viewing with friends all wearing Die Hard themed costumes, but it didn't take much for me to get into the spirit of John McClane. So my roughly 90 minutes in the theater with A Good Day to Die Hard felt like some kind of bad joke.