Friday, March 29, 2013

Next Will Ferrell Movie

1. Ferrell, JFK's little brother (who looks like JFK), is a beloved astronaut in America in 1960. 2. No one knows that he's really shagging every major American movie actress. 3. John Kennedy wants to protect his brother along with the image of the Space Program so when it breaks that Marilyn Monroe is having an affair, he takes the heat. 4. It turns out that Lee Harvey Oswald was a big fan of Monroe and wants revenge.
5. After the assassination unfolds, Ferrell takes it upon himself to pay for his wrongdoing and takes the place of JFK, but also keeps doing his space-job and has to balance out the two sets of responsibilities. 6. Comic Hilarity ensues.
In summary, Ferrell should hire You Know Funny to join his writing team so that we can assure some vomit inducing fits of laughter in future Ferrell films.

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