Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two-headed Shark

So a two headed shark was found sometime after one of the devastating oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Is this Darwin's theory at work, proof that Cerberus and Dante's hell-beast are more than fiction, or clear evidence that our societal devil may care attitude toward preserving nature could have its repercussions? Either way, I think Spielberg should do a remake of Jaws 2 based around this new find.
Things for Steven to incorporate: The iconic Jaws theme will be played double with its octave. At the beginning of the rising action, a lady will have each of her legs bitten off simultaneously by a different head of the shark. Before the shark dies it will fertilize the eggs of a 16 armed octopus to give us a hint at the next terrifying leviathan of the sea!

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