Tuesday, April 30, 2013

German Rock

Edgar Gossürt, lead singer of Stuttgarten, a German band
formed in 1974 came to his senses in early March after
a drug binge that he claims effectively wiped out three
decades of his life. "Jah, Ich kannt rekall muchen fromme
the previous drei decaden," he reports, "but ziss musique
vass all mein, and now is nein."

Gossürt's music, recorded mostly out of his garage onto
a four-track recorder, sounds strikingly similar to major
American bands of the grunge movement. Gossürt, rooting
through a shoebox full of cassette tapes says, "It vas une
time of great invention, jah. Vee vuhr doing things with
the guitaren zat had nein been thought uv." Upon pressing
play on the tape, long strains of distortion are heard backing
constant, frenetic percussion.
Such tracks from Gossürt's recordings include:
"Du smelle spirit: teenage liken"
"Ich bin Hungrig Stricken"
"Das Jeremy"
"Spuhne Man (danke schoen)"
The tracks have a raw, uncontained quality to them,
full of brazen vocals backed by a very stripped down
guitar and drum sound. The similarity to famous recordings
of American grunge bands of the early nineties is hard
to miss, but it appears very unlikely that the songs of
Stuttgarten will be recognized as having been plagiarized,
considering the long span of time since the release of
the tracks in question.
Gossürt runs a hand through his long unkempt hair and writes
notes on loose pieces of paper while talking,
"Jah, I am feeling that this fame should have been mein."
Gossürt relates that he is moving forward with his music
despite this setback and, grabbing a guitar, plays a few
bars of a new song he is writing which he calls,
'ich bin yellow: ich schreiben für du'.

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