Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Mainframe Timewarps, Returns Intact

Technician Jerry 'Lieberwitz' Sandowski tried to add 10 trillion
gigabytes of memory to the google mainframe and the machine
went white hot, shimmered and briefly couldn't be seen.
Anton Scaliazano, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Colonbia
University postulates that the google mainframe must have
timewarped. "This could be big," says Scaliazano.
"The ramifications of a mainframe of this size bopping around
the space-time continuum are mind-boggling. For all we know,
galaxies could have just been born."
Scaliazano elaborated for the next thirty minutes using words
that only a theoretical physics professor could
theoretically understand, gesturing wildy with his hands
and extending his arms heavenward in a presumably
godlike manner. The upgraded machine is working
fine now, but the probability that the earth was destroyed
in a parallel universe is staggering.

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