Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Rich Quick Scheme That Works

"Man, I was beginning to think I'd never find a get rich quick
scheme that actually works, but this one is like greased
lightning!" -Ronald Hoover Crane Operator: Bluelick, West Virginia.

Now there is an easy way to riches, and you don't even have
to do anything! A cloned race of aliens from outer space are
paying big money to extract cellular tissue from normal
people like yourself. They'll even take live tissue from
your children and grandparents!
"The whole process lasts 2 maybe 3 hours and then, Bam!
your bank account is hit with a cool million or more." reports Arnold
BoJenkins of Bluelick, West Virginia. "You actually get
paid in alien currency, but the exchange rate is out of this world."
Their markets are very strong right now and with our current
financial crisis you will be remunerated 25,000 US per alien dollar.
"The reason this has become available," explains Hoover
"is because aliens are demanding too much payment for live tissue
extraction, which explains the desire of alien corporations to outsource.
And you'll be surprised how quick you heal from the procedure."
The aliens are adept at telepathy. Simply send out
the message with your mind that you will refuse the right to attorney
in the event of an accident in the procedure and aliens will be
extracting your flesh in minutes.

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