Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snapping Turtle

a snapping turtle is being led away by turtle police who say that he just snapped

A Joke is Born

This one deserves a rather long list of credit giving. The initial idea found its origin while I was busy spreading a thin line of ketchup down each individual fry before eating them at the Diamond Restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

I was enjoying myself immensely and Josh Cotterino had already given us a great stand-up routine using an original joke book. I wasn't sure if the day could get any better when Josh and Dan Romanoski came up with the snapping turtle joke. "He just snapped" being the gut wrenching, laugh until you cry punchline. They agreed that You Know Funny would be a good home for it, but it was still just a dream within a dream at this point. It wasn't until a few days later, back in Campbellsville, Kentucky, discussing the joke with Pete, that we envisioned the turtle being led away by cops. Pete put his touches on it, adding a turtle flat-lining in an ambulance while turtle police lead away the snapper. Because it took a trip to Charlotte for this joke to come into being, I like to think of it as a $200 joke. You see, nothing in life is free, not even humor. It too has its costs.

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