Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pistol Jones

And what was the very next thing I saw? It was Pistol Jones, and he was shooting them boys. One by one he was. I watched him shoot down 500 of those boys. And when he was through he turned to me and he said, "Oh Lawd, If'n my name idn't Pistol Jones my hands, they're burning!"
"Ah, yes sir, I reckon so now Mistuh Jones suh. I jusn't watched you shoot down 500 of those boys." And then Pistol Jones turned to me and he says, "Now if my name isn't Pistol Jones, I need you boys to dig down in that earth. Down to the cool earth. My hands are burnin' boys. Oh Lawd but I'll reach my hands down to that cool earth cause my hands is sho enough burnin'." And we dug down to the cool earth, and then Pistol Jones reached down to the earth and said, "Well, I do declare, that earth is cold, but my hands is still burnin'." And Pistol Jones stood there by the hole we had dug and his guns were laid beside him like two straight branches from an oak tree. And Pistol Jones said to us, "You go on and round up the guns of those boys. Oh, lawd, when the old gen'ral hears tell of the stories death has told here today, he'll send men to cover the earth better'n cotton. Oh lawd." That was the day Pistol Jones shot down 500 men.
By Joseph Hurtgen and Peter Hurtgen

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