Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Baffle House

I always like my time at Baffle House. Everything is pretty there. I always eat 17 baffle burgers and then wash all the dishes in lieu of payment. I like to eat with Baffle Washington, the owner of Baffle House. He can eat every baffle burger in a flash. Sometimes we scarf down food until we see double. At 4 am, the Baffle Host locks the doors so we drive around town shooting video. I have video of Baffle Washington chucking Bricks from an overpass. No one was hurt in the making of my film. So to recap:
Baffle all your friends by creating your own language

Invite Baffle Washington over and tell him to bring a sack full of his hamburgers.

At 4 am go out on the town.

Shoot plenty of video footage!


At 5am tell Baffle Washington you've had it and go home.

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